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About Us
Servicing Team

Our Philosophy
Our commitment and objective is towards helping our clients bringing their brands to reach out to consumers by adopting an alternative approach. Forging Brand Relationships with Consumers

BRAND X-PERIENCE SDN BHD is a 100% locally owned agency having many years of experience in events and promotions. Our head office is in Petaling Jaya and we have an extensive network of branches nation wide (including Sabah & Sarawak). Our personnel are professionals and have extensive experience

 We have a proven track record
 Your Brand X-periential provider to strategically build brands
 Specially tailored services plus the provision of concepts to meet each clients requirements can also be provided

Our Work
Provide Marketing and Direct Marketing Activities via: Kindergartens, Schools, Colleges & Universities

Carry out all Fieldwork and Follow Through
 Marketing Campaigns
 Activation Campaigns

Why Brand X-(Ex)perience?
 It is an effective way to send out a clear visual message to your customers
 It is the process of exposing cosumers to different attributes associated with a particular brand
 We work with you to establish a brand experiential marketing through:
  • Giving sound advice and consultation to maximise our clients brand exposure
  • Producing measurable results that are within budget
  • Well considered and innovative marketing strategies in line with long term goals
 Understanding your marketing strategy and developing a proposal that meets your campaign objectives
 We refer to you as our Business Partners (BPs). This totally defines our relationships with our clients. We work with you to effectively promote your brand and increase its awareness. But if theres no you, there is no us. And it works both ways, and if theres no us, there is no effective promotion.
 At Brand X-perience we believe that promotions dont work. Not as a rule. The typical chain of events from brand concept to execution invariably turns to spaghetti in-between. Why? Because companies rely heavily on their sales force to execute brand promotions, and this is not what a sales force is designed or inclined to do.
 Brand X-perience unravels the path to brand awareness with tailored, effective promotions. We shore up the missing link from creation to conclusion and become, in effect, your own sales force resource.
 Todays consumers are swamped with brands and product information. They are also elusive, busy targets. We see it as vital to get out there and get them face-to-face, imprint your brand and its essence on them and leave a positive and lasting impression. Traditional media stimulates the desire in the consumer but leaves the follow-up to the consumer themselves. We stimulate the desire and bring on the action in one hit. This brand experience gains customer awareness, trial and adoption of your product.

We do this by accessing our collective MNC experiences and a comprehensive network of specialist partners, to execute your integrated marketing plan